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Richard Patrick Barton

*1986 Waterford, Ireland

ESL/EFL Teacher

After a successful spell of working as a sales representative for a food wholesaling company in his homeland, Richard Barton decided to pursue a dream of living and working in another country. Richard decided that teaching English as a second language would be suitable for him as he thoroughly enjoys the satisfaction of communicating with people, and more importantly, helping them progress.

In his job, Richard had the responsibility of ensuring his company’s sales were maximised in a specific region of retail outlets, along with overseeing the day to day process of managing stock levels. Good communication and organisation skills were essential.

Richard studied French for five years and has also had a real interest in different languages for many years. Being from Ireland, his eagerness to learn about different languages stems from speaking the Irish language, which has many influences from other languages. Combining this passion for teaching and languages, Richard embarked on a highly recognised ESL/EFL course.

The course, with i-to-I Ireland, covered both practical and theory training in depth and covered specific modules such as a Grammar Awareness course, Teaching One to One, Teaching Large Classes, Teaching Young Learners and Teaching with Limited Resources.

In 2011, Richard Barton joined the European Language Learning Centre in the Czech Republic. Here he completed specialized training in face-to-face teaching children, youth and adults as well as teaching via Skype. Now he works as an ESL/EFL Teacher. He is responsible for working with English language learners in order to help them gain fluency in spoken and written English, as well as for introducing cultural aspects, designing the bulk of the courses, and choosing materials for all levels of ESL/EFL. He is a highly qualified native English teacher within TEFL and TESOL. He is a member of the Oxford Teachers' Club.